Jesús Fabre


Jesús Fabre

Scout and Public Relations at BlitWorks

My work focuses on communications and business strategy for independent game developers. I work for studios of very different sizes, ranging from 1 person to 60, always trying to understand their philosophy, listening to their visions with my strongest focus on being personal, creative and proactive to provide value to the projects and teams I work with.

The projects I have been participating range among mobile, console and PC platforms, some of the most relevant titles are: Monument Valley, Horizon Chase series, Manifold Garden, Pacer and Nihilumbra.

I also enjoy teaching video game marketing, distribution and communication. I did that at universities and technical courses like ENTI (Barcelona) and A+ Escuela de Artes Visuales (Uruguay). Participated as a speaker / roundtable moderator in different videogame development events over the last years (Respawn, BIG Festival, Festival Path, MICA, UYCG!) and contributed as jury member at several Indie Game Festivals (IndieCade, SBGames, AMAZE Berlin).

Along with my regular activity, I keep working on my personal project that has shaped my career in the industry: The Gamer Inside, a transmedia documentary archive that focuses on preserving the impact that videogames have on society, education, culture and the game industry. It started in December of 2010 and nowadays the project spreads in three communities, focused respectively in covering video game industry and culture news in LATAM, Spain and a Worldwide.