Joel Kuwahara


Joel Kuwahara

Co-Founder/Executive Producer Bento Box Entertainment

2 time Emmy award winning producer, Joel Kuwahara is a co-founder and principal of Bento Box Entertainment, (Producers of the animated hit shows, Bob’s Burgers, Paradise PD, Brickleberry,and Alien News Desk). Joel also oversees the studio’s digital production pipeline, workflow and technology. Not many entertainment industry professionals can list Homer Simpson, Tina Belcher and the Dalai Lama among his clients, but Joel surely can.

In a fascinating and unexpected turn of events, Joel was selected by the 14th Dalai Lama to preserve and digitize His teachings by setting up a self-sustaining digital lab at His Holiness’ monastery in Dharamsala, India. The video lab is currently in it’s 19th year of operation.

Prior to forming Bento Box, Joel produced a number of animated series over his 20+ years in the industry including The Simpsons, The Simpsons Movie, Mucha Lucha, Dragon Tales, Jackie Chan Adventures, Men In Black, and Godzilla, to name just a few.

His past and current clients include FOX, Sony, Warner Bros, ABC, NBC, Comedy Central, Adult Swim, Syfy, IFC, Netflix, Hulu, TBS, Amazon and Apple.

Joel is currently serving as Executive Producer on the new animated series, Duncanville and Hoops both premiering next year on FOX and Netflix respectively.

Follow his adventures on Instagram @joelkuwahara.