Paul Zinnes


Paul Zinnes

Director of Digital Assets

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: 1984-1991. BA, Chemistry. MFA, Industrial Design.

Took the very long educational road. Didn’t ‘formally’ begin studying CG until after graduate work. Self-taught for the most part.

LucasArts Entertainment: 1995-2000, 3D Artist – Lead Artist. Shadows of the Empire, Grim Fandango, Racer - Not a bad place to start for your first job in the industry!

Doublefine Productions: 2000-2003, Lead Artist Psychonauts - After 5 years of a stable corporate environment, this startup was a whole new experience!

Tippett Studios: 2003-2006, 3D Artist Matrix Revolutions, Constantine, Hell Boy, Charlotte’s Web, etc. - Took a major step down to start again in a visual effects company – well worth it!

Lucasfilm Animation: 2006-Present Director of Digital Assets Clone Wars, Rebels, Resistance, Clone Wars (Final Season), The Bad Batch - Wow! How did I end up here??