Edu Molina


Edu Molina

Cómic Artist

In 1990 I began to publish my own work in different Argentine magazines such as Fierro, El Tajo (Ediciones Record), La Parda, El Porteño and different fanzines Among which I highlight one of which I was co-founder Gratarola Comics.

Between 1994 and 2001 I drew my own comic book called Urban Animal, which had 3 different publishers: Furor comics, Imaginador and Animal comics, in which I narrated the adventures of a politician who defend the inhabitants of a slum from the abuses of the police and the economic and political elite. I still drawing comic stories of the character for the publishing house "Retro Universe".

In 2002 I emigrated to Mexico where I adapted some classic literature: La Ilíada (2005) and Don Quijote de la Mancha (2006), editor for "Clío ediciones", I also adapted Edgar Allan Poe to the cartoon (Ediciones de la flor, Argentina) in the book The best of Poe (2014), Crime and punishment (2015) by Fedor Dostoieski published by Colofón ediciones (Mexico), El Mexicano (2011) by Jack London with a luxurious edition by Nostra ediciones (Mexico) and Bartleby, el escribiente, by Herman Melville (upcoming). I also do different comics strips for magazines such as Esquire, Santo y signo, Generación, 4X4 from Editorial Resistencia (Mexico), Carlitos comic, Antología de héroes Argentinos, Grupo rebrote, Duendes Patagónicos (Argentina), El Mundo de la mountain bike, MC ediciones, Chuthulu Magazine, Diabolo ediciones (Spain), Skorpio, Aurea editoriale (Italy).