Exploring the art of Loish


Exploring the art of Loish

Speaker: Loish

Traducción: Learn about Loish's creative process while drawing. From how she prepares when starting a sketch, how she uses references, how she defines the details, until she has the final piece.

At the end of the showcase there will be a question and answer session.


  • Date and Time: Friday 4, 11:00 hrs.
  • System where it will take place: Espacio SAE / WahuStreaming
  • Access: Feria, Foro or Market Pass
  • Note: This talk will be in English

IMPORTANT : Due to its content, this talk will not remain to be seen On Demand for any accreditation. It will only be broadcast once at the time of the event and in a single repetition on saturday 5 at 21:00 hrs..