Behind the Sequence


Behind the Sequence

The Life of a Shot

Speakers: Athena Portillo - VP, Animation Production, Andre Kirk - Art Director, Paul Zinnes - Director of Digital Assets, Brad Rau - Supervising Director, Daniel Rosales - Storyboard Artist, Keith Kellogg - Animation Director, and Joel Aron - Director of Cinematography, Lighting/FX

Learn how to develop an animated sequence from the script page to the final piece.

During the panel, LucasFilm Animation artists will take a sequence from Star Wars Rebels, starting with the script page, and show their process through the design, the Assets, Animatic, Animation , Lighting, FX and the final frames.


  • Date and Time: Thursday 3, 19:30 hrs.
  • System where it will take place: Main Forum / WahuStreaming
  • Access: Foro or Market Pass
  • Note: This talk will be in English