Bait for ideas!


Bait for ideas!

Speaker: Casiopea

Creativity workshop that stimulates the emergence of new visual ideas to develop drawings based on playful dynamics.

Using objects that everyone has at home, during the workshop different creative exercises will be done to build an encyclopedia-type fanzine with digital output.

Materials and requirements:

  • Letter size sheets cut in half (Bond, opaline ... free)
  • Letter size sheets cut into four
  • Drawing materials (some such as: colored tips, stylus, markers, cayolas ...)
  • Tool to digitize drawings (camera or scanner or gadget with a good resolution camera)


This workshop lasts 4 hours

  • Date and Time: Monday 31, 10:00 hrs.
  • System where it will take place: Main Forum / WahuStreaming
  • Access: Foro or Market Pass
  • Note: This talk will be in English
  • How to participate: Check the details of how to register for the workshops in this article