Basic information

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Basic information

Pixelatl Festival has become the main meeting point between Latin American creators and the global industries of animation, comics and video games.

It brings together creators, executives, and fans from all areas of audiovisual work for five days, to promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences, promote emerging projects, build an international collaboration network, develop new audiences and foster a spirit of community.

2020 LIVE edition

Due to the pandemic caused by COVID19, this year the festival will be held online, in order to take care of our community: both guests and attending public, but trying to maintain and replicate, as far as possible, the activities and dynamics bonding that normally occurs. You can find out more details about how we are doing it in the Festival 2020 Live Edition article in the Attend section

However, as every year, we have structured the content of the festival into five programs:

1. Screenings

Like any animation Festival, whave an official selection of animated short films, as well as somo international animated feature films.

2. La Feria

Since 2014 our festival has had a recruitment space, art exhibitions, comic book alley and other attractions, as well as a forum for work in progress, some talks, and live art exhibitions (showcasses).

3. Talks

The Festival has a program of keynotes, master classes, and panel discussions, given by some relevant professionals and executives internationally.

4. Workshops

We also have a program of workshops for both professionals and beginners: from basic classes or clinics to some practical programs.

5. Market

In addition, the festival has a creative business market, with outreach activities for professionals, as well as presentations, pitches, and other activities with international creators and executives.

Access to activities

This year we will have four types of passes. You can see what each of them gives access to in the Accreditations article.

The final program of the festival is published approximately four weeks before the event (in August).